Emotional Eating Questionnaire

Are you an emotional eater?

To get an idea of your emotional eating tendencies look at the statements printed below and check the statements that are true for you:

____ 1. When I am feeling “down” or “blue” a little snack will lift my mood.

____ 2. When I’m depressed I have more desire to eat.

____ 3. If someone disappoints me I want to eat something.

____ 4. When I am pressured or working under a deadline I have the urge to snack.

____ 5. I eat more when I am stressed than when I am calm.

____ 6. If I am worried or afraid of something I tend to eat.

____ 7. Sometimes when people irritate me I want to get something to eat.

____ 8. I have had something to eat “just to teach him/her a lesson”.

____ 9. When I get angry, eating will make me feel better.

____ 10. I look forward to eating something when I’m bored.

____ 11. I eat more than usual when there is nothing to do.

____ 12. If time is passing slowly, I look forward to having a snack.

____ 13. Being alone increases my appetite.

____ 14. I am less likely to eat when other people are around as I am when I’m by myself.

____ 15. Eating makes me feel better when I am lonely.

____ 16. I celebrate with food when I’m in a good mood.

____ 17. If I’m feeling really good, I don’t worry about my diet.

____ 18. When I’m happy, having a favorite snack makes me feel even better.

These statements are examples of the most common types of emotional eating: depressed eating (items 1 – 3), anxiety/stress eating (4 – 6), angry eating (7 – 9), bored eating (10 – 12), lonely eating (13 – 15), and happy eating (16 – 18). Reviewing your responses to these statements should give you a general idea of your emotional eating tendencies.  For guidelines to help you get a more precise assessment of your patterns see Chapter 2 in Emotional Eating: What You Need to Know Before Starting Another Diet.  Once you know the specifics of your emotional eating you will be able to develop a plan to deal with your emotions without using food.

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  1. Hello Dr. Edward Abramson,
    I found that your questionnaire is quite useful and with your permission I would like to use it in my research on Emotional Eating.

    -Marcus Hatter

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